Appfolio Owner Portal Overview

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How to Access the Owner Portal and View a Report?

  1. Click the link provided in the Owner Portal notification letter you receive from your property management company
    • Note: Be sure to save the link as a bookmark in your browser for fast easy access in the future
  2. On the Owner Portal link request page, enter your email address and click the Send Access Email button
    • Note: Be sure to use the same email address you have on file with your property management company
  3. Go to your email program
  4. Look in your email program for an email from your property management company
    • Note: Please check your spam or junk folders if needed to find the email, be sure to add the email as a safe sender to avoid problems in the future
  5. Open the email and click the link within the email
  6. A new Internet browser page will open displaying your owner packets
  7. Click on the report you wish to view or save to your computer, on the pop-up dialog box select to either view or save the file
    • If you select to view the file it will open in your .PDF file viewer window where you can read the report and chose to print it if desired
    • If you select to save the file you will be prompted to select a download location and save the file to that location, to view the file simply go to the download location and click to open and view the file

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to request and receive a new email every time I want to go into the Owner Portal?
    Yes, the system is setup to use emailed links to access the Owner Portal, please enter your email address and then go to your email program and click the link in the notification email any time you wish to access the owner portal.

  • I entered my email address and clicked Send Access Email, but haven't received my email, what do I do?
    • Check to ensure you are using the correct email address, this is the one that you have on file with your property management company.
    • Check your spam or junk mail folders to ensure it was not incorrectly filed by your email program.

  • My reports are incorrect or not showing me the information I wish to receive, what do I do?
    Please contact your property management company to discuss desired changes to your reports.

  • I have multiple LLC's, Tax ID's etc. and only see reports for one on my portal, what do I do?
    The owner portal is configured based upon email address, please scroll down the Owner Portal page to see separate sections for each entity.


  • You may not receive an Owner Portal Announcement letter prior to receiving your first monthly owner reports. You can still access the portal anytime by going to the URL provided with your reports.

Please contact the property management company if you have any questions about the portal.

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