Texas Property Code Requirements

For the three main entrances:

  • Locking door knob, Keyless deadbolt and one working deadbolt
  • Door viewer if door does not have clear glass
  • Pin lock and working latch or charley bar

And Inside:

  • Smoke detectors – one for each bedroom and hall (one for each floor) **The "test" button on the alarm only confirms battery has power but does not ensure the device is detecting smoke properly. They test using canned smoke because it is the only way to fully ensure the battery, detector and alarm are in good working order.

Re-Keying Property:

Therefore we will have a locksmith rekey up to 6 Keyholes, Including Deadbolts or Doorknobs and provide 4 keys as well as bring property up to code in conjunction with a new tenant move in.

We do not rekey overhead garage doors on properties when they have an opener as it interferes with operation.

Locking Knobs vs. Passage Knobs (Passage Knobs are doorknobs without a key)

    You may want to consider replacing locking knobs with passage knobs to prevent the tenants from locking themselves out and saves you from having to rekey them at every move-in.