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Emergency Vendors

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Property Management

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Emergency Repair Procedures

In case of after-hours or weekend emergency (i.e., a situation that absolutely cannot wait until the next business day), you may call the following repair persons.

Locksmith Services:
Texas Re-key (512) 929-5397

Westmoreland Plumbing - (512) 288-7590
Christianson Plumbing – (512) 246-5455

Malco Electric - (512) 301-9111
Al Electrical - (512) 497-1513

Patriot Services - 371-3833 (NORTH)
Buddy's Heat and Air - 282-8339 (SOUTH)
Hill Country Comfort AC - 512-657-9134 (SOUTH / SOUTHWEST)

PLEASE ... ONLY CALL THESE PEOPLE DURING EMERGENCY SITUATIONS!! If the problem can wait until the next day, please call during normal business hours,

Example of Emergency/Non-Emergency:

Toilet not flushing, but other toilet(s)in property – NOT EMERGENCY Toilet overflowing - EMERGENCY