Tenant Portal Instructions

How Does it Work?

  1. Once you have received the email, log into your resident portal and click the button to Make a payment.
  2. When you see the pop-up dialog box asking you to select your preferred payment method, select the Pay with Check or Credit / Debit Card option.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter your payment amount. You can enter any amount up to $3000.
  4. All online payments have a fee associated with processing the payment BUT if you pay by ECheck you will receive an instant rebate on the fee. If you pay by Credit Card the fees are as follows:

      $.01-$900 $17 Charge
      $ 900.01-$1250 $27 Charge
      $1250.01-$3000 $37 Charge
  5. After entering your payment amount, enter your Checking Account or Credit/Debit Card information and verify your payment details.
  6. Once you click ‘Make This Payment Now” your payment is immediately processed and you will receive an online confirmation as well as an email confirmation.
  7. Only YOU can make changes to payments posting to your portal. If you set up for monthly auto payments, you must change it if your rent changes, when you move out, etc.  We cannot make any changes to your portal.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions – we’re excited to offer you multiple ways to securely and easily pay your rent online.